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American Dream Tour - Classic Car Tour Wiki

Welcome to the Classic Car Tour Wiki.

Find everything you need to know about car tours in Miami with American Dream Tour. The company is located at 1677 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL. On this Wiki we will discuss everything about our classic car tours. Talk about our classic cars and the history of each car. Talk about our tours and all the things you can do, learn, explore while riding an antique convertible car on an American Dream Tour of Miami and its' beautiful beaches!

American Dream Tour is a Florida Tour Company operating in Miami and located in Miami Beach. They offer Car Tours in Miami on antique convertible cars with private tour guide and driver.

Private Tours of: Miami, Wynwood, Little Havana, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove

Car Tours available: 7-days a week from 9AM-9PM

A must do attraction in Miami! Classic Car Tours in Miami


What are Classic Car Tours?

Learn about classic car tours

Talk about classic cars tours

Things to do in Classic Car Tours

Find out what benefits of riding in classic convertible car tour

Unique attraction

An Antique Convertible Car Tour is definitely a unique tour experience.

Unlike most tours where you are crammed in a bus and can't hear the tour guide, a classic car tour is a private tour. You get an experienced private driver that is a City Guide.

To make the tour better, tours are given on fully restored 1950's and 1960's antique convertible cars allowing upto 5 people plus the driver in one car.

Try a unique attraction and book a city tour in an antique convertible car with American Dream Tour - Miami

Private tour

Classic car tours are private tours, unlike most tours where you are crammed in a bus and can't hear the tour guide.

With a private tour you get an experienced driver with full knowledge of every street that is toured.

A private driver is an experienced City Guide. Knowing current and historical events and landmarks throughout Miami and Miami Beach.

Get a private tour of Miami and Miami Beach with American Dream Tour - Miami

Learn one on one

On a private city tour you get the chance to learn "one on one". Being able to fully hear everything the guide has to talk about on specific landmarks as well as other tour locations like where locals hang out, what the vibe is, what types of crowds and music to expect.

With a private tour guide, you get the chance to ask your own questions alone the tour and get the insight and questions answered.

This type of tour is perfect for people traveling to Miami as well as newcomers who recently move to Miami and want to know the best places to live, eat, visit and work.

If you are new to Miami, you are especially lucky to have these tours available at American Dream Tour - Miami. Check out all the car tour Miami options.

Tailor tour to your interests

With a Classic Car Tour at American Dream Tour - Miami, customers can request to visit certain locations alone the tour route as well as stop or stay longer at any of the tour destinations and stops.

A benefit over group tours is the ability to customize the tour / timing to your interests and exploring requirements.

If you are looking for a tour in Miami that can be flexible private car tour of Miami to your needs book one of the car tours with American Dream Tour - Miami.

Stop and continue tour at your pace

Be part of the adventure not just part of the crowd

What to see in a city with guided classic car tour driver


Historic Spots

Hip Places

Where the Locals hang

What to see in Miami

Sight-see Miami Touring in Antique Classic Convertible Car Tour of Miami

Design District and Wynwood

Downtown Miami

Sightsee through Brickell.

Coconut Grove

The oldest and prettiest area of Miami, with Villa Viscaya as a highlight.

Coral Gables

Known as the “City Beautiful”, with lush green Avenues and canals. Its Mediterranean Revival architectural style from the 20’s is spectacular. See the Biltmore Hotel, built in 1926 and Venetian Pool, built in 1923 from a coral rock quarry.

Little Havana

See "Calle Ocho", SW 8th Street rich in Cuban culture, elderly Cubans playing dominoes.

We then finalize the classic convertible car tour by returning to Miami Beach going throughout the beautiful islands of Biscayne Bay.

Coconut Grove

Miami Beach (South Beach / SoBe)

South Beach or SoBe as the locals call it, is a mixture of cultures, styles, way of living and a unique cocktail that you won't be able to find in any other city.

Cruise on South Beach's famous Ocean Drive.

Discover the unavoidable Art-Deco buildings along the beach.

Learn about the Gianni Versace mansion and many more famous buildings.

Pass by the Holocaust Memorial, Wolfsonian Museum, The Fillmore Theater and many others.

Appreciate the MiMo architecture, buildings painted with pastel colors, as well the Fontainebleau Hotel, open in 1954 and designed by Morris Lapidus.

Soak in Some Culture of the City of Miami with this Classic Convertible Car Tour of Miami Beach!

Beach Tour Itinerary for Miami Beach Classic Car Tour

Sight-see Miami Beach fully
The Delano Hotel
The Raleigh Hotel
The Fontainebleau Hotel
The Eden Roc Hotel
Flamingo Park
Joe’s Stone Crabs restaurant
Miami Beach Jewish Museum
Gianni Versace Mansion
And more…

Go on a One Hour Car Tour Miami Beach in Classic Convertible Car from American Dream Tour - Miami.

Downtown / Brickell / Biscayne

Wynwood (The Art District)

Enjoy Sightseeing the Best Places in Wynwood.

Wynwood, a creative eye-catching and outgoing place in Miami. It is perfect to tour in convertible car. Wynwood has colorful walls and artist’s designs throughout its' streets and buildings. See and learn about some of the best spots like bars, art galleries, clubs, restaurants, outdoor farmers market, Wynwood Walls and more.

Not far from Wynwood is The Design District, a creative neighborhood and a shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, architecture and dining. And crossing Biscayne Bay via Julia Tuttle causeway, you will reach Miami Beach.

Check out the American Dream Tour - Miami classic car tour of Wynwood. Its a 2 hour tour that covers Miami Beach fully, parts of lower Miami and Wynwood. Soak in Some Culture of the City with this Classic Convertible Car Tour of Wynwood and Miami Beach Tour in Miami!

Coral Gables

Little Havana (Calle Ocho)

Enjoy Sightseeing Miami Best Places in Little Havana

Historical buildings and residential neighborhood.

See Calle Ocho, where you will get a slice of Cuban Culture

Cubans playing Dominoes.

Cigar Shops

What is "Una Collada?” and a "Cafecito"

Restaurants, Clubs and Bars

American Dream Tour - Miami's Car Tour of Little Havana includes full car tour of Miami Beach, Little Havana, Miami's bay, Downtown Miami, Bayside, Brickell, Star & Hibiscus Islands and Fisher Island which you can only reach by private ferries. On the return to Miami Beach, cross back using The Venetian Causeway.

A great way to discover Miami's cultural heritage is on a Classic Convertible Car Tour of Little Havana and Miami Beach!

Star Island

Fisher Island

What to do in Miami

Coconut Grove

Miami Beach (South Beach / SoBe)

Downtown / Brickell / Biscayne

Wynwood (The Art District)

Coral Gables

Little Havana (Calle Ocho)

Star Island

Fisher Island

Best places in Miami

Coconut Grove

Miami Beach (South Beach / SoBe)

Downtown / Brickell / Biscayne

Wynwood (The Art District)

Coral Gables

Little Havana (Calle Ocho)

Star Island

Fisher Island

Collaboration about classic car tours in South Florida